Terms and conditions

Acceptance of the general conditions of contract

By placing an order , you agree to our terms (as defined below), including our statement on data protection (as defined below), and enter into a direct agreement with the supplier (as defined below) identified by (as defined below) upon receipt of your order. These and the general terms and conditions are part of the contract concluded between the customer (as defined below), and now (as defined below) and is also in the contract between the customer and the supplier, as well as the customer. between the client and the physician (as defined below), See the section ”data protection Declaration”. 

Without prejudice to the provisions referred to above, when a pharmacy delivery of the products or (if applicable) co-ordinates the consultation, the general conditions of sale of the pharmacy, which are decisive for the relationship between the buyer and the pharmacy. By accepting these general terms and conditions by ordering one or more products (or by accepting a request), you enter into an agreement with the pharmacy, and you agree to the general terms and conditions of the contract of pharmacy (that can be provided to the customer during the ordering process). available ) regulate the contractual relationship between the customer and the pharmacy. 

The user acknowledges having read and fully understood these terms and Conditions, in particular (but not exclusively) because of mental illness, mental retardation, excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs or other causes (health) in your opinion. The user acknowledges that these terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice. The user agrees to be periodically informed of changes to these Terms and Conditions, and to always use the most current version of the Terms and Conditions (published on the Web Site). 

The information, or advice found on the website (as defined below) are of a general nature and should never be interpreted as an invitation to use a particular drug or treatment. Neither the manager, nor any of the professionals that offer their services via the web site assume no liability for any consequences, medical, legal or financial, that may arise in connection with the use of the web site (which in this form are health information on which the Platform is managed) that lead to all the services used. 

Using our services

By placing an order through the website, the user confirms:

● you are legally capable of and then be able to enter into legally binding agreements; 

● at least 18 years of age. If you’re still a minor, you will need the permission of your parents or legal guardian to place an order and/or request through this web site; 

You live in a country where one of the languages available it’s official. 

● conclude an agreement with the pharmacy and (if necessary) to accept the general terms and conditions of sale of the pharmacy to The present general conditions of contract are provided to you during the order process, and adjust (if necessary) the contractual relationship between you and the pharmacy; 

● use the products only for personal purposes; 

● access a website in a language that you understand or that you speak and know that it is your personal responsibility to find out if it is legal in your country of origin to use our services. 

Both the website and the services offered on it should be used with caution. Please note the following: 

You will have access to the questions only if you fill in an honest and truthful all the questionnaires available on the website. 

The user is responsible for providing all the necessary information to the best of his knowledge. 

No more postings on the web site. 

It is not possible to register for a third or fill in a form for another person unless the person has given its consent, and we do not have the express consent of such person. 

We cannot and we will not be responsible for damage caused by:

Your files of the patients, the questionnaire you filled in, or other information you have provided to us contain information that is incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate and you have not updated on a regular basis; 

● that have ignored the advice provided on the web site, or have not disclosed the information published on the website of the provider of services habitual; 

The user acknowledges that the guidelines of the web site are not intended to replace professional medical advice. It is your responsibility to inform your usual PCP on the treatment recommended and medicines prescribed. 

All the information on the website are available in the languages listed on the site. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the questions contained in the questionnaires available on the web site. Ask your usual service provider if you do not understand a question, don’t know how to respond, or do not understand the advice or the information available on the web site. 

When do you give a product subject to medical prescription, you are responsible for ensuring that the products delivered are actually prescribed by your doctor, and are not in any way damaged. If you are not sure, please contact your pharmacist for advice or, if necessary, ask for a replacement product. Do not use products that were not prescribed for you or that have been damaged during transport. 

Carefully read the information leaflet and all label instructions before use. If you order products for long-term use, make sure that the expiration date has not passed before use. 

Make sure that only you have access to the products that you have ordered.

Price changes

We reserve the right to change the prices of the products offered at any time. Prices in force at the time of the order remain the same until the completion of the order procedure. If you receive a price that is clearly incorrect due to a software error, or human error, we reserve the right to cancel the order and inform the customer. 

We guarantee that the prices applicable to consultations and the products are clearly shown on our web site. They are not free of charges hidden. 

To change the interval and electronic / edit information 

Since the does not provide and is not delivery of the products ourselves, and we reserve the law , if an order has not yet been made and recorded, change the information on the availability of your web site and to remove the products before placing an order. it was recorded in. always strives to keep all text, photographs, and images of the products are accurate and up to date. 

But you can not exclude human error, for which you can still introduce inadvertent errors of which neither we nor the supplier cannot be held responsible. The colors displayed on the screen are optional. Therefore, always check before use if the products delivered correspond to your order, and the product recommended during the consultation. 


In the case of complaints relating to services or products provided, please contact the Customer Service department on the contact page. 

 you agree not to: 

Managing complaints; 

Tell us how much time it takes to process the claim, provided that 

Keep up to date on the process. 


If you are under 18 years old, you can place orders only through our website with the help of a parent or guardian.

Full consent

This contract contains all agreements between the user and related to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written, entered into in relation to the object of the contract. We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time and without notice. We are committed to post all the changes and the updated version of this agreement on the website. The changes are effective immediately after posting on the website. It is the responsibility of the user to read the current version of this agreement prior to using the website to ensure that you accept the current version of the terms and conditions. The user declares to assume that this type of notice of amendment of this agreement is appropriate. Any further use of the website after the receipt of the notice of change will be interpreted as acceptance of the changed terms. 

Basic regulations

With the exception of the payment obligation, neither you nor are responsible in any way for non-performance or delay in performance, total or partial of this agreement, as this is directly or indirectly linked to circumstances for which you or you are not responsible, including, but not limited to, Force Majeure .